A1 Gutter Cover in Hervey Bay

Is rain water flowing back into your ceiling space?

Can snakes and vermin get into your roof?

Are you always up a shaky ladder trying to keep the leaves out of your guttering?

A1 Gutter Cover is the solution to all your problems

The product

  • Steel construction for strength & durability

  • Fits every roof

  • Matches Colorbond colours

  • Low-profile design – nothing to see from ground-level

  • Tech-talk customer support line

  • 12 year guarantee

The protection

  • Debri-free gutters

  • Low maintenance

  • Keeps pests out – including birds, mice, rats & snakes

  • Avoid flooding and interior water damage

  • Protects from ember attacks

  • Improves drinking water quality

Why you should use us

  • “Very professional … pleasure to deal with … courteous and affordable.”

  • “Great quality product fitted at a very good price. Cyclone Debbie definitely tested it out”

  • “…stops the birds from nesting in them too! Such a great idea and found it to be very affordable!”

Open gutters fill up with leaves and block downpipes so rainwater gets into your roof space. Open gutters give pests including snakes access to your roof space. A1 Gutter Cover keeps leaves out of your gutters and closes the access to your roof space so water and pests can't get in.
Clean gutters keep your house and family safe from ember strikes

A1 Gutter Cover protects your house and your family

We have been installing the best gutter guard solution in Hervey Bay, Maryborough and the Fraser Coast for years.

Every installation protects the house that we install it in and the people who live there.

It’s time to install the best gutter guard solution

It’s time to take action and protect your house and your family from ember attacks, vermin and water damage.

It’s time to install A1 Gutter Cover in your home.

A1 Gutter Cover’s Gutter Guard solutions are 100% Australian made and they come with a CSIRO Flame Mobility Rating  so they are safe to use and they’re made to last in our harsh environment.

Call 0400 064 719 for an obligation free quote.

A completed A1 Gutter Cover job that blends in with the Colorbond roof